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For those interested in becoming students

Due to the nature of the Austin Pagan community we felt that this page was a necessity.

In the past, there have been schisms and outright attempted takeovers of Llygedyn Grove by misdirected, however well meaning, individuals. We have also stepped away from organizations because of perceived problems we could not ethically abide. If you hear of these matters and wish to discuss them with us, please do. Ignorance of a matter only perpetrates additional ignorance, with gossip as a toxic by-product.

For this reason and others, we have created a questionnaire and request the completion of a few tests (personality profiles) to see if potential students will "fit" within the Grove, knowing that there are several identifying "earmarks" to any potential problems.

In addition, if you are accepted as a potential student of the Grove, you will be asked to forswear your previous spiritual practices and embrace the ethics as outlined in the history of our faith as your own. We have outlined some of the duties and responsibilities that may be required of a student or member of the Grove. And at no time do we expect any student to prepare themselves for the position of clergy unless they themselves feel up to the challenges of that path.

Finally, remember that we feel that our faith is more a lifestyle than an observance to give lip-service to. We are family friendly, but require study and dedication to practice, spirituality and physical application. These pursuits are of importance and should be honored by each individual throughout his/her pursuit of this path. As well, those groups that we are hearthkin to are considered by us to be family. At any time should actions taken by a student of our Grove reflect negatively on this special and precious relationship, that student's relationship with the Grove may be subject to termination.

Blessings to you on your decision. May the Gods light your Path, whichever direction you so choose.

Reverend Warren R. Kleinman, Senior Druid
Reverend Carolyne R. Kleinman, Senior Druidess
Llygedyn Grove, Round Rock, TX

Last Update: December 10, 2006

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